Release 7 Notes: Random Gym Events, Night Shift

Rassler release 7 brings a feature I've been wanting to do for a long time: Random events. 

Right now there are just a few of them, and they're only triggered when you hit the gym. Eventually there will be events for every activity, to help ensure that no two careers will be exactly the same. This feature will become moddable as soon as I get the save system reimplemented.

The main other change of note is that after the matches, the "hit the gym" activity have been replaced with "Work night shift." You'll get an extra $20, but lose and extra 6 health. It can help if you're trying to build up some cash fast. To do this I had to make it so activities could actually gain you money, before now the code only ever knew how to treat activity changes to money as a subtraction.

Up next on the roadmap:

* Merch sales that go up or down based on your popularity.

* Put more thought into pre and post match activities. Perhaps we don't need both, or maybe they need to be more different. It feels not quite right just yet.

* Add a TON more random events to Gym, add random events to all other activities. Create an open file format for these events, so people can make and share their own.

* I'm thinking about making this as a card game, too! $10 or so would get you a deck of cards that result in a single player game of Rassler, analog style.

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the Rassler release schedule at this point is: Don't let more than 2 weeks go by without a feature release or an ehancement.