Rassler Release 10 Progress: Wrestler Stats, More on Territories

Posted a couple in-progress shows on Twitter today, and thought I'd share an update here too. Couple of things coming together for Rassler release 10:

1) Rassler stat blocks! Like a tabletop or classic RPG, every wrestler now has stats that can be rolled up via 3d6. See the Twitter post for a screenshot

2) Territory generation goes deep! Release 9 brought the territory system, which included some basic stats and the groudwork for what's coming with Release 10: Territories will now have a full roster of wrestlers, including a local champion, and a general ranking that will influence who wrestles who and who wins. Leaving one territory for another is also on the roadmap for Release 10 but we'll see. I posted a really early screenshot of a territory roster on Twitter

Not doing too bad considering the last planning post is from 131 days ago.

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Release 10 ended up being a simpler release, with the territory system having full rosters, and a local champion, but there is no real ranking system or sanity to the booking for each match. Release 11 will have some combination of wrestler rankings and  the concept of "match quality".