Rassler Release 10 Progress: Wrestler Stats, More on Territories

Posted a couple in-progress shows on Twitter today, and thought I'd share an update here too. Couple of things coming together for Rassler release 10:

1) Rassler stat blocks! Like a tabletop or classic RPG, every wrestler now has stats that can be rolled up via 3d6. See the Twitter post for a screenshot

2) Territory generation goes deep! Release 9 brought the territory system, which included some basic stats and the groudwork for what's coming with Release 10: Territories will now have a full roster of wrestlers, including a local champion, and a general ranking that will influence who wrestles who and who wins. Leaving one territory for another is also on the roadmap for Release 10 but we'll see. I posted a really early screenshot of a territory roster on Twitter

Not doing too bad considering the last planning post is from 131 days ago.

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