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A weird little RPG where you are a pro wrestler in the territorial era. Travel from town to town trying to make a couple of bucks, keep an eye on your overall health and well-being, gain fans and lose a lot of predetermined contests.

Release Notes (March 19th, 2017):

  • Changed incentives for in-between match activities
  • Added some new names for places and people
  • Tweaked language for in-between match options
  • Started work on random event scenarios which can happen during matches, in-between matches, or while out on the town.

Release Notes (March 16th, 2017):

  • Windows build support!
  • Nothing else, but I had to release something for 3:16, right?

Release Notes (November 7st, 2015):

  • Game Over is now implemented
  • Changed the math values of several activity and match work choices
  • Refined some text

More information

Published1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
PublisherExtra Future
AuthorPhil Nelson
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, 80s, 8-bit, pro-wrestling, rpg, simulation, wrestling
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average durationA few minutes
AccessibilitySubtitles, High-contrast, One button


Download Now
On Sale!
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$0.25 $0.00 USD or more

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Rassler For Windows 64-bit.zip 5 MB


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It can't play on my cpu...

Are you getting an error?

It says "This app cant run on your PC"

That's odd! Can you do me a favor, and check if https://love2d.org will run on your PC without the error message?

It does

Is your computer 64-bit? If so that is probably the issue.

I think that is the issue

Weird, the binary I built was supposed to work for both. I'll get a 64-bit version out today. Thanks!

Thank you!!

Give that 64-bit build a try, just uploaded.

I'm sorry. I'm on a Windows CPU and the 64 bit version was only uploaded for Mac


Nevermind. It works now. Thank you so much!

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Why would I pay $40 to lose 5 health when I can pay $40 to gain 5 health? Perhaps going out increases popularity or something? With that said I'm enjoying it.

It seems like I can go beyond my maximum health.

Yeah. The in-between-match time is poorly thought out, overall. It's still playable, but there's not as much strategy to it (or randomness, either) as I'd like.

Made some tweaks to the system with the newest update, should provide for more... compelling choices for now, until the random events system is implemented.


Awesome. Thanks for the updates. I really look forward to them and I appreciate it.


The Windows version seems to have a bunch of errors or issues when running.


I just pushed a fresh build, should be all fixed.

Any chance on a windows version?

Absolutely. I'll see if I can get one out today. Nobody has asked yet!

Just pushed one. Give it a try

Holy crap! Thanks for the response! Will try ASAP.

I do not have any way to test Windows here right now, so lmk if it fails and I'll do a fresh build.

Hi. Just tried the windows version. It said I was missing lua51.dll, love.dll, and SDL2.dll.

Oh! That's an easy fix. Check the newest version.

Really sorry to keep giving you bad news. I got this error message. http://imgur.com/qLxfROX

I just pushed a fresh build, which resolves that issue.


Got it to work! Thanks!!!

Now that I've played it I can say it is a fun little game!

Pretty fun little game to start! Some notes:

  • the dollar reward should have some variance or give a bonus based on performance
  • I didn't quite get what having more fans did?
  • would be fun to see a procedurally generated rassling scene :)

I guess someday I should respond to this feedback, huh?

The dollar award: Actually that's by design! Maybe not the most fun for games, but wrestlers rarely get paid more for working harder. It's a weird system.

More fans means more people coming to your show just to see you, meaning bigger attendance numbers and more money.

I agree! Some day. It looks like you've got a line on some really good 2D artists...

This game is legit. I am playing as Randy "The Angry Doctor" Foreign which is great because despite never going to medical school, I am Indian American and therefore automatically a doctor.

I added your first and last name to the game for this fwiw