Rassler Release 13 is now available

Rassler release 13 is now available and should auto-update in your Itch.io app. It contains several visual and audible changes and additions.

  • First and most notably: The Rassler title screen and wrestler / territory select screens have music now! I made it. It’s probably fine? I also created and added a little punch sound effect when you start a new game. You can stream / download the new theme on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/philnelson/rassler-theme-1
  • You can now view the territory roster on the New Day screen, sorted by Power Ranking. This will help players see how they are progressing against their co-workers/competitors. More options will be added to this page soon, such as the ability to have a face-to-face meeting with the booker.

  • Wrestlers now have health ratings for their head, neck, chest, abs, shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees and feet. In future releases, injuries will specifically target these areas, and may result in your wrestler being unable to work for some period of time.

Bugs Fixed

  • It was possible for 1 wrestler to be left off of the territory roster list if the number of pages was odd. This was especially annoying if that wrestler was the local champion! Now all wrestlers show properly.
  • There was a missing index on the random gym events which would lead to an exception / game crash. That is now fixed.


rassler-windows64.zip 4 MB
Version 16 Oct 27, 2018
rassler-windows32.zip 4 MB
Version 16 Oct 27, 2018
rassler_linux.love 1 MB
Version 16 Oct 27, 2018
rassler-macos.zip 12 MB
Version 22 Oct 27, 2018

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