Release 8 Notes: Random events in matches, and a note about drugs

Release 8 is an incremental release that fixes a couple of health-related bugs, significantly changes the flow of the game due to fixing said bugs, adds random events to matches, and adds a few random evens to the gym.


  •  Added 2 random events to the gym, which were enabled back in Release 7.
  • Random events can now happen during matches
  • Added 5 random events to matches
  • Fixed a bug where prematch activities were not being accounted for properly with regard to stat effects. They were using the post-match activity stats instead!
  • Made it so if a wrestler's health is < 0 they can't do damaging activities. Any time a wrestler's health drops below -6 (the extent to which even pain killers won't get your health over 0), it's game over. 

The last bullet point, explaining the changes to the activity system, is essentially a naive implementation of drug dependency. The player needs their health to be above 0 in order to work or go out. If the player has $40 they can buy some pain killers to get them through the next match, but pain killers only provide a +6 to short-term health (and a -6 to max health, affecting their future prospects and longevity) so it is not a sustainable solution. Either the player gets lucky, and their next several matches are relatively easy and they aren't further injured, or something bad happens and they're rendered immobile and bankrupt in the end.

I'm actually not super sure how to feel about this mechanic. The fact that it happened organically makes me feel like I've designed my system well- even the unintended consequences are at least logical. However, I've absolutely seen the ravages of addition and dependency in my life, and in the lives of many that I cared about. In a lot of real-life professional wrestlers, too. But it doesn't have to be that way, thanks to places like Superkick.

If you feel the need to absolve yourself for the entertainment value you derived from this depiction of drug stuff, or if you don't and just want to help people who need help, please give to the Superkick Foundation, the world's premiere pro wrestling charity. They're a real thing, and they're doing really good stuff.

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