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Rassler Release 9 Patch 1
This release is mostly some internal housekeeping for how we load the files used to generate names, moves, towns, that sort of thing. The old method was causing a bug that caused Rassler to hang with a White Screen Of Death on load for macO...
4 files
The previous version of Release 9 for macOS was broken
The newest version available is now fixed and works on high sierra.
1 file
Release 9 Notes: The Territory System, Bookers, and Fans
Release 9 includes the bedrock for the Territory system, bookers with personalities and skills, and radically changes the way fans are won during a match. It's other, most amusing, addition is the "Favorite move" system, in which each wrest...
4 files
Release 8 Notes: Random events in matches, and a note about drugs
Release 8 is an incremental release that fixes a couple of health-related bugs, significantly changes the flow of the game due to fixing said bugs, adds random events to matches, and adds a few random evens to the gym. Changelog: Added 2 r...
4 files
Release 7 Notes: Random Gym Events, Night Shift
Rassler release 7 brings a feature I've been wanting to do for a long time: Random events. Right now there are just a few of them, and they're only triggered when you hit the gym. Eventually there will be events for every activity, to help...
4 files
Release 6.1 Notes
Pushed out release 6.1 to all platforms a moment ago. It contains a couple of small but useful fixes: * Wrestler's health can no longer exceed the max health due to training. ( bug report ) * Selecting the Retire option now pops a confirmat...
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Thanks wreddit! Status of Your Name In the Game purchases.
On a whim I posted about Rassler on /r/SquaredCircle , reddit's great pro wrestling community. The response was really positive! In fact the odds are high that if you're reading this you came from reddit. Thanks so much. A decent number of...
Release 6 Changelog
Release 6 for macos and windows are live. Linux coming soon. * Made the match results screen prettier. I need to write a function to center text on a grid. This is madness. * There's still no logic around weather you win or lose matches, or...
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Let's talk about the (only?) pro wrestling RPG on Itch.


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