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Rassler - Pro Wrestling Career RPG

Live out your life as a professional wrestler in the territorial era. · By Phil Nelson


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Rassler Release 13 is now available
Rassler release 13 is now available and should auto-update in your app. It contains several visual and audible changes and additions. First and most not...
4 files
Rassler Release 12 is now available - plus info on releases 13 and 14
Rassler release 12 is now available in your itch app. Release 12 is a lot of under-the-hood work and a few significant front-end and gameplay changes. One of th...
4 files
Rassler Release 11 is now available - Match quality system, character and territory generation overhaul
Rassler release 11 should already be available in your itch app, or on the website . It contains within it a few seemingly small changes which took way more thi...
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Rassler Release 10 is now available - Territory rosters, new wrestler stat system
Rassler release 10 (incorrectly listed at Release 11 in the first push! Whoops.) is fresh out of the oven that is my fevered brain! I hope you like it and tell...
4 files
Rassler Release 10 Progress: Wrestler Stats, More on Territories
Posted a couple in-progress shows on Twitter today, and thought I'd share an update here too. Couple of things coming together for Rassler release 10: 1) Rassle...
Rassler Release 9 Patch 1
This release is mostly some internal housekeeping for how we load the files used to generate names, moves, towns, that sort of thing. The old method was causing...
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The previous version of Release 9 for macOS was broken
The newest version available is now fixed and works on high sierra...
1 file
Release 9 Notes: The Territory System, Bookers, and Fans
Release 9 includes the bedrock for the Territory system, bookers with personalities and skills, and radically changes the way fans are won during a match. It's...
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Let's talk about the (only?) pro wrestling RPG on Itch.

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