Release 5 Changelog

Hello, strangers. This update covers a pretty serious overhaul to almost everything Rassler does mechanics-wise. It's still not nearly as complicated as I'd like but its getting there. Note: The Windows build is coming after I get back from the APW Cow Palace show! Windows, linux, and macOS builds are live.


* New "opening match bell" sound effect on game start. I really need to make that first screen better, it probably puts people off.

* Removed the Set library, added a different serialization library for later use. It appears to not let you nest tables though : /

* Added the Match log, which is now more of a general player change log, and I need to beef that up so your character has a more serious history log. It'll be fun to have a hall of fame and stuff.

* The match types like "go all out" or "take it easy" are now die-based. Go All Out is a d20 roll, Normal is d12, Easy is d6. I need to add some kind of penalty to "take it easy" like maybe the match stinks and you lose fans instead of gaining them. Currently there's no way to lose fans! It's weird.

* I think I added a player model since last release but I don't want to check.

* I'd kinda really like to do these huge-pixel rassler characters as enamel pins for maximum hipster cred.

* Seriously though this might become a card game, lol

* The nicknames can now be generated in 4 configurations, and there will be more later as I beef up the nickname and name system so it's more varied. I might make names editable after a certain achievement is unlocked or something.

* Matches no longer take place in any particular.. place. I had half-assedly implemented it before, and now it's just not implemented at all. I'll call it a win.

* Player now has two opportunities per "day" to take actions, but the actions are the same for both. For now. This is slated to be made much better in next release.

* The matchup screen is way nicer, I think. It was actually designed this time. Sorta. It's meant to look like a poster, it could be better.

* I mostly brought the "big white text at the bottom is your next step indicator" thing into line, but it's still not on the activity screens. I left it like that because I want to gut those screens anyway.

* Speaking of which, I abstracted out the logic of those actives into a table so I can more easily add/remove them.

* Next up: Activities rework, and then random events?!

I think that's all for now. Thanks for reading.

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Version 2 May 06, 2017

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